July 6, 2018

016: Halloween Havoc 1992 w/ Dave Doyle

Sometimes wrestling shows are good. Sometimes wrestling shows are bad. And then there's Halloween Havoc 1992, which starts off harmlessly enough before falling off a cliff and landing rectum-first on a spiked fence with its infamous 'triple main event'.

And if you think Dean and Liam had it rough rewatching and reliving this Bill Watts catastrophe of a PPV, spare a thought for their special guest, veteran MMA journalist Dave Doyle. Dave travelled from Boston to Philadelphia to attend Havoc 92 live, in what was his very first wrestling road trip.

You'd think such a trip would put him off wrestling for life, but a typewritten letter of apology from Watts himself turned a horrendous show into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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