April 29, 2020

057: Spring Stampede 2000 w/ Priscilla, Queen of the Ring

In a quirk of fate, Dean and Liam look back at the WCW PPV immediately after the last one they covered on the podcast, as the Eric Bischoff/Vince Russo collaboration era presents Spring Stampede 2000.

Although just four weeks separated that and Uncensored, there were so many changes behind the scenes you'd be forgiven for thinking four years had passed. And yet, the co-hosts and special guest Priscilla Queen of the Ring explain why beneath the surface, hardly anything had actually changed at all.

With 14(!) matches on a sub-three-hour show, title tournaments, multi-man melees and more swerves than you can shake a stick at, come and see exactly why the beacon of hope offered by Russo and Bischoff was merely an ignition to burn down the wick of the final candle in the company's existence.

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