All Elite Wrestling's recent All Out 2021 PPV earned the biggest buyrate for a non-WWE wrestling PPV since WCW produced their inaugural Mayhem show in way back in 1999. And when Dean and Liam shared this trivia with a fellow podcaster they met at Hooked On's All Out watch party, the trio decided to cover Mayhem for an episode. Then, they realised it was a Vince Russo show.

Nonetheless, our fearless hosting duo and special guest Richard 'Benno' Benson endured three hours of utterly baffling product that made them realise why it has probably taken a company not run by Vince McMahon 22 years to do a better number. Find out which of the many matches booked for the event scored a 'full house' in Russo Bingo!

Today marks four years since the very first episode of Because WCW looked at the infamous Starrcade 1997 PPV (which also means we have lasted longer than the promotion did after that botched Sting/Hogan main event), and to celebrate our 4th birthday we spoke to a member of wrestling media who knows World Championship Wrestling extremely well - the one and only RD Reynolds!

RD tells Dean and Liam about his fandom of NWA/WCW growing up, his most infamous WCW-related WrestleCrap inductions, writing a book with Bryan Alvarez about its demise, what it's like to be currently working on a podcast project with none other than Vince Russo (the duo review classic old Batman episodes) and more!

Dean and Liam arrive at one of the most iconic editions of Monday Nitro, as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash bring a regularly-scheduled episode to its knees with a sneak attack so rough and severe that wrestling writers would spent the next decade or more attempting to replicate it on a weekly basis, to diminishing returns and diluted effects.

Re-live the infamous 'lawn dart' spot and much more as our intrepid duo break down what was great (and also what wasn't that great at all) about one of the game-changing wrestling TV angles of the 1990s.

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