The Disney tapings continue in the wake of the New World Order's formation, and Ric Flair is conspicuous by his absence. Fortunately, in Flair's place is new arrival The Leprechaun. Yes, you read that right.

Join Dean and Liam as they breeze through a fast-paced two-hour Nitro, which is a blessing considering how much intolerable guff is on this episode until the stars arrive.

Eight days after the infamous conclusion of BATB '96, 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan makes his first appearance in the infamous all-black garb. Well, if you ignore his temporary midlife crisis period in late '95.

The battle lines are drawn in WCW as the New World Order make their presence known on another episode that really struggles to cope with the new two-hour format and the casual crowd at Disney.

Nonetheless, Kidman vs Malenko, Benoit vs Guerrero part 4000 and some fun old-school promos (as well as the WCW debut of three graffiti'd bedsheets) make for some decent enough highlights.

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