Dean and Liam, for the first time in a while, review a classic major WCW show as a two-man act and for the occasion, they covered the second Clash event in the podcast's run so far.

Join them as they debate whether Cactus Jack turned babyface at or before this show; whether 2 Cold Scorpio's hideous music video is the craziest WCW ever produced (and they made some doozies); and whether Harley Race firing The Barbarian is the single greatest P45 in professional wrestling history. Or at least, they do so once Bill Watts finishes his self-indulgent 5-hour intro.

It's the day after Bash At The Beach 1996 and everything has changed on Nitro. Not only is beloved hero Hulk Hogan now a villain in league with The Outsiders, but WCW are filming their Monday night TV show at Disney in broad daylight!

An intriguing and unique episode begins the steady move into the promotion's absolute peak. Join Dean and Liam for Sting vs Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko defending the cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio and perhaps the worst and most ill-advised promo Hall and Nash ever cut as a collective unit.

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