It's the end of an era on the Watchalong series, as Dean and Liam cover the final episode of Monday Nitro prior to the arrival of the New World Order and professional wrestling being turned on its head.

A mostly-enjoyable run of pre-Hollywood Hogan television finishes up with a decent enough offering, featuring the biggest Ric Flair's Banquet Table(tm) to date and much more on the go-home show six days before the pivotal Bash At The Beach 1996.

Because WCW continues its chronicles of the company's bizarre obsession of anchoring its flagship year-end pay-per-view offering with a myriad of side concepts as Starrcade finds itself once again piggybacking a Battlebowl and a Lethal Lottery.

Nonetheless, this curiously-booked smattering of double duty, triple duty and wholly uninspiring encounters for major singles titles does carry a lot of that famous early-1990s WCW charm. It's also a cherished childhood memory of our guest, Chris 'The Brooker Man' Brooker.

The man who has opened for spoken word tours conducted by the likes of Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page and more shares his love of the event with Dean and Liam, who frankly deserve a medal for all the Bill Watts PPVs they have re-lived.

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