Nitro's move to two hours continues to experience some teething pain, as WCW delivers another one-hour episode stretched out the extra length as the hard sell for the 1996 Great American Bash begins.

That said, a great old-school tag team main event featuring Sting and Lex Luger defending the tag titles against the Horsemen, plus perhaps the greatest ever match lasting under a minute between Lord Steven Regal and a young Billy Kidman, are highlights on this June edition of the show.

Join Dean and Liam as Scott Hall arrives with his "big surprise", who delivers one of the soundbytes of the podcast's intro!

One week after the shocking Nitro appearance of Scott Hall, WCW broadcast their second two-hour Monday night offering - though it could have easily fit inside the old one-hour timeslot if they removed all the repeated promo videos for the absent Hulk Hogan.

Nonetheless, an old-school bout pitting Ric Flair and Arn Anderson against The Rock 'n' Roll Express, a main event of Sting and Lex Luger defending the tag titles against The Steiner Brothers and first-class antics from the likes of Disco Inferno, Lord Steven Regal and more make this episode an easy watch. So, watch along with us!

A new year means new horizons for Because WCW, as for the first time we review a Clash Of The Champions event! The two-hour TV specials had a Saturday Night's Main Event/In Your House vibe, but were eventually replaced by monthly three-hour PPVs.

Dean and Liam start with one of the very best Clash shows of the 1990-2001 WCW era, as the 17th edition overall features Sting vs newcomer Rick Rude for the United States title and Dustin Rhodes teaming with a mystery partner to challenge tag champs The Enforcers.

And joining them for this special episode is former BBC Radio DJ and host of WrestleTalk on Challenge TV, Joel Ross. For once, Liam may not be the most prolific swearer of an episode...

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