We here at Because WCW have covered our fair share of awful, harebrained, nonsensical offerings from various loons somehow employed to positions of power at World Championship Wrestling over the years. This time, however, Dean and Liam cover perhaps the dullest.

Joining them to look back at the 1992 Great American Bash is wrestling historian and operator of the Scottish Wrestling Hall of Fame, Bradley Craig. A tournament for the NWA tag team titles dominates the show as the Bill Watts era begins to vaccuum the entertainment and charm out of professional wrestling.

Thankfully, the one non-tournament match is Sting vs Big Van Vader for the WCW World title, one of the best bouts in company history. So there's that.

This special episode of the podcast sees Dean and Liam joined by a man who covered wrestling online for much of World Championship Wrestling's existence and to this day contributes to Inside The Ropes as well as running his Blog Of Doom website, Scott Keith.

The trio discuss Scott's experiences as a WCW fan as well as a wrestling writer, including the implementation of the famed 'hot pokers up the ass' rating system and seminal 'Want Of A Nail' column on WCW's troubles in the year 1993.

And, true to the form of all three members of this nostalgic chat, Hulk Hogan gets well and truly slated, of course.

The era of The Giant has arrived, and WCW wastes no time showing us what an unstoppable and uncontrollable force he is as World champion. They also waste no time in hammering home their two favourite on-off long-running storylines, "Randy Savage has lost his mind!" and "what's the deal with Sting and Lex Luger?"

Join Dean and Liam and take your mind off the confusing United States election updates with a nice, brisk hour of Monday Nitro that unlike the polls, doesn't drag out well beyond a reasonable period of time.

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