Thirty years ago on the very date of this episode being published, World Championship Wrestling aired the second annual Halloween Havoc PPV live on PPV.

And on this momentous anniversary - not to mention the day before NXT finally brings the beloved concept back - is the perfect time for us to cover another of the most requested WCW themed show, by far.

Joining Dean and Liam as they finally get to rewatch the famous Steiner Brothers vs Nasty Boys donnybrook is British wrestling veteran RJ Singh, himself a longtime WCW fan who made his in-ring debut shortly after the company folded in 2001.

The April 29, 1996 edition of Monday Nitro may well be the best one yet.

Featuring a hard-hitting Parking Lot Brawl between Fit Finlay and Lord Steven Regal plus two major title bouts, the absence of Hulk Hogan continues to lead to some enjoyable hour-long television.

Join Dean and Liam for more great nostalgia, insight and of course, random talk about chocolate bars.

Would you believe it? WCW begins three months of Hulk Hogan-less episodes of Monday Nitro with a really enjoyable hour of television!

As fate would have it, while fans on social media bicker over how many non-finishes AEW have or have not used on a year of Dynamite, the April 22, 1996 edition of Nitro is one of the best of the early bunch despite half of its four matches going to non-finishes and the other two using some form of cheating before the pinfall.

It's almost as if things can be great if done right and also bad if done in a slapdash manner, isn't it?

Earlier this year, we rewatched Spring Stampede 2000 and recalled how Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo's publicised joint rescue attempt of WCW was taking on water after just six days. Three weeks later, their second PPV effort continued to confuse and depress.

The PPV that features actor David Arquette entering as the defending WCW World champion is rife with overbooking, extra-curricular nonsense and short-minded decision-making. But who better to join us for Arquette's big show than fellow TV star Adam Pearson?

Pearson, like all of us, is a huge fan of the 'Ready To Rumble' triple cage structure that main events the show. It's a shame nobody has brought it back since 2000, really...

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