Good news: Midlife Crisis Hulk Hogan makes his final appearance on this edition of Monday Nitro before forming the New World Order and going Hollywood that summer.

Bad news: he manages to leave a horrific taste in the mouth of the watching fan on his way out with his latest desperate self-serving antics.

Join Dean and Liam as they endure a depressing opening segment, enjoy The Nasty Boys and Public Enemy beating the tar out of each other and witness the latest instalment of Randy Savage Formula Reverse Squash Matches(tm).

Today, Because WCW turns three years old! And what better way to celebrate than with Hulk Hogan and Ed Leslie's latest desperate attempts to stay relevant?

On the plus side, the Hulkster isn't far in our Nitro chronicles from disappearing until he'd return to form the New World Order. Until then, Dean and Liam witness an hour of old-school wrestling (for better and for worse) staged in front of a very 1990s crowd, littered with some extremely creative (again, for better and for worse) match finishes.

As it's Nitro Week on, we have for the first time published a second episode in a week. And it's a humdinger!

Dean and Liam are joined by British wrestling media legend Findlay Martin to discuss the impact WCW's game-changing weekly show had not just on the industry as a whole, but on fans of various generations and Fin himself as a wrestling magazine editor at the time.

The man now writing for the brand-new Inside The Ropes Magazine recalls Nitro's biggest highs and lows from the perspective of having to cover it month after month.

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