From Monday August 31 to Sunday September 6 2020, and Because WCW are celebrating 'Monday Nitro Week', to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the very first episode of the game-changing weekly TV show on September 4.

To mark the occasion, Dean and Liam present a very special interview conducted by 'The Twisted Genius' with his fellow devious manager, WCW legend Sonny Onoo!

The sunglasses-wearing, wide-grinning former international liaison and on-screen talent for World Championship Wrestling reflects back on the very beginnings of Nitro, his favourite talents to work with, being involved first-hand with the Monday Night Wars and more.

For the first time, Because WCW has a podcast episode longer than the PPV it was covering. And considering which PPV this episode looks at, we're sure you'll agree it deserves the distinction of our biggest ep yet.

Dean and Liam bring in a 'third man' for one of WCW's most infamous and critically-successful efforts as Hooked On Wrestling original and former The Sun wrestling columnist Rob McNichol helps decipher the 'hostile takeover' main event that launched Eric Bischoff's vision into supernova. But whose side is he on!?

Dean and Liam's run of early-1996 Nitros continues as they encounter an episode that, bizarrely, they both vaguely recalled watching on British cable TV back when it was fresh content.

So, will this hour of TV, headlined by Ric Flair defending the WCW World title against The Giant and also featuring Sting and Lex Luger defending the tag team titles against The American Males plus Randy Savage vs Fit Finlay, stand the test of time?

And more importantly, why the bloody hell are we stuck watching another Booty Man 'match'!?

How many wrestling shows can 'boast' that their match of the night was an immediate countout that finished in a matter of seconds?

Welcome to the March 18, 1996 edition of Monday Nitro, where the tag team division continues to hurt the head and the eyes of everyone unfortunate enough to pick WCW over the WWF on this particular evening back in the day, and the star workers were an unfoldable chair found in most schools and community centres, and a foam Randy Savage hat.

Join Dean and Liam as they count the minutes until Hulk Hogan takes his pre-New World Order hiatus, and welcome late actor Jeep Swenson to the show shortly before someone has to tell WCW that it wasn't a good idea to name one of their wrestlers 'The Final Solution'.

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