As advertised on the previous episode, a Lumberjack Strap six-man tag main events the 27th Monday Nitro - and they made all of the lumberjacks dress in flannel!

Join Dean and Liam as they continue on the road to Uncensored 1996 with quite the enjoyable hour of television, even despite the hideously-confusing face-heel blurs. The Steiner Brothers return, Brian Pillman refuses to leave quietly and Ric Flair goes bonkers. Again.

WCW had plenty of pros to supplement the many, many cons, but PPV events from the company that are widely regarded as truly great are few and far between. Superbrawl III is one of those select few that many consider to be great.

So great, in fact, that friend of the podcast and BBC Sport broadcast journalist in the Humberside region Mike White insisted that we rewatch it for his special guest appearance.

Join Dean, Liam and Mike as they fondly recall the White Castle of Fear strap match between Big Van Vader and Sting, the falls-count-anywhere melee between Cactus Jack and Paul Orndorff and an overall product now free of the dated Bill Watts stench.

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