World Championship Wrestling transitioned out of the NWA/Jim Crockett Promotions in 1990, and is there a more WCW way for the company's era of infamy to begin than the Black Scorpion storyline?

Ole Anderson followed up a brilliant 1989 by growling into a voice distorter to cap a massive squandering of the firm's momentum, shortly before he would be replaced as booker by Dusty Rhodes. 

Dean, Liam and special guest Carl 'Conroy' Stewart do their best not to say anything that breaches the podcast rules or bash their own heads into their laptops as they endure 14 matches including an obscure and pointless tag tournament, overly political match finishes and, of course, that main event.

Very few episodes of Monday Nitro so far on this Watchalong series have felt like chores to watch. The February 26, 1996 broadcast, unfortunately, was a massive chore to watch.

Nonetheless, Dean and Liam make it worthwhile with their audio accompaniment. Hell, just listen to the episode without watching Nitro on WWE Network, if you wish.

Deep fried Mars Bars, the difference between a Milky Way in Britain and in the United States and other such riveting conversations salvage an hour of wrestling that was worthwhile only to see more from Sting and Lex Luger's wacky tag title reign.

A question that has cropped up more than once in previous episodes of Because WCW is this: how did World Championship Wrestling manage so often to provide some all-time classic wrestling moments right next to some truly turgid excuses for entertainment?

Havoc 1997 may well be the pinnacle of their trademark marriage of the ridiculous and the sublime, as Rey Misterio Jr vs Eddie Guerrero in one of the greatest ever matches on North American soil and Ric Flair's gloriously-Wild West revenge on Curt Hennig are accompanied by the Mongo/Alex Wright/Goldberg farce and - yes - Age In The Cage.

British wrestling cornerstone and expert trainer Adam 'Muscles' Mansfield joins Dean and Liam to provide in-depth analysis of such things as Roddy Piper biting Hollywood Hogan's arse.

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