Since WCW folded in 2001, there have been countless accounts of what went wrong. There have been many opinions shared by fans and outsiders alike as to why they stopped watching or caring. But there has been nothing quite like Guy Evans' comprehensive insight into the Nitro era.

And in a very special chat recorded on May 23, the man himself joined us from New York via Skype to discuss the making of the book, how it affected his enjoyment of wrestling and potentially writing a follow-up.

For die-hard WCW nuts and wrestling nostalgists alike, this is an hour and a half's listening you won't regret!

It's a 'night of rematches' according to Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Mongo and Mongo's poor, forcibly-costumed dog. Hey, at least WCW's reliance on the same marquee matches over and over again has a fancy packaging, this time.

Join Dean and Liam as they cross their fingers and pray that Hulk Hogan doesn't get his win back from Arn Anderson after just seven days, and share with them the unbridled joy that only an episode featuring Fit Finlay, Brad Armstrong, Giant Haystacks AND Alex Wright can provide.

That is, until Liam said something very naughty and forced Because WCW to use their censor button for the first time in 60 episodes. We had money on him doing it inside five, to be fair.

Dean and Liam are joined for this very special episode by WCW alumnus Jeanie 'Lady Blossom' Clarke, former valet and real-life wife of 'Stunning' Steve Austin.

Clarke tells us about life on the road in the early days of World Championship Wrestling, being an ITV star without realising it, maintaining great friendships with some of her former colleagues and of course, the urban legend that she was the source of Austin's 'Stone Cold' moniker.

The February 12th, 1996 edition of WCW Monday Nitro answers the question: can the visual of Arn Anderson pinning Hulk Hogan's shoulders to the mat for a count of three make an otherwise-tedious hour of wrestling a worthwhile watch.

Well, the answer is unfortunately no. But come and join Dean and Liam regardless as they endure everything Hogan had to get to do to Arn and the Horseman in return for the essentially-meaningless defeat, as well as Loch Ness almost legit maiming Scotty Riggs, Macho Man attempting to emote after Elizabeth's post-Superbrawl betrayal and an engrossing carwreck of a clash between Konnan and Devon Storm.

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