The series that prompted ITV to stick the entire Euro 1996 football tournament up on their on-demand service is back with the 22nd edition of Monday Nitro - where after a fun first few months, things are starting to fall into a rut.

But don't panic, Dean and Liam will fight their isolation blues to make light of the umpteenth re-arrangement of Hogan, Flair, Savage and Giant while also wondering who on Earth told the returning Road Warriors to go 10 minutes with the Faces of Fear.

Plus, get ready for the debut of a foreign object that would prove a key figure in the infamous Billionaire Ted skits!

Dean and Liam attempt to cope with the safety protocol for the Corona virus by rewatching the second annual Superbrawl - with Sting vs Lex Luger headlining for the World title plus Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, the Steiners, the Dangerous Alliance, Flyin' Brian Pillman and more, it could perhaps be one of the most peak WCW pay-per-views in their history in the midst of their early 1990s zeitgeist.

And joining them is a man who surely would have competed for World Championship Wrestling, had they survived past 2001: one of British wrestling's all-time greats, Doug Williams. Fresh off having his return to Ring of Honor cancelled by the lockdown, Doug talks WCW and his own lengthy career in this special episode.

WCW rolls into Las Vegas for a double-shot of a Monday Nitro and a Tuesday Clash of the Champions, with a spot of big-time networking thrown in. This hobnobbing excursion means the big names are all over the card, the matchups are particularly rehashed and Hulk Hogan is more nauseatingly insecure than ever before.

Will the World title and/or the World tag titles change hands on this landmark episode? Will Hulk and co plunge us to only a third 'thumbs down' from Dean and Liam in 21 episodes so far? And what will Mongo force that poor dog to dress up as this time?

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