If our Starrcade '95 episode just before Christmas didn't satisfy your craving for times WCW turned their biggest PPV of the year into a baffling concept pilot, you're in for a treat! Our first special guest podcast of 2020 relives Starrcade 1991, a showpiece overrun by the debut of Lethal Lottery and Battlebowl.

Dean, Liam and British wrestling veteran Sam 'Berry' Gardiner - known between the ropes as Voodoo, eXodus, Mr. Puppet, Blok Busta and more - break down exactly what WCW did right and wrong in their attempt to make Battlebowl their answer to the Royal Rumble. And yes, it was 95% wrong.

In hindsight, they should have just plagiarised the Rumble outright. After all, if they're brazen enough to rip off Marvel's Spiderman with Brad Armstrong clad in purple and yellow, there's little point stopping there. 

Our first episode of the new decade brings the Watchalong series into 1996, where the Nitro immediately following Starrcade proceeds to reset most of the intrigue offered in the Sting/Lex Luger storyline and have Hulk Hogan single-handedly make the Four Horsemen cower at his feet.

Nonetheless, Randy Savage leaves the Macho Man Formula(tm) at home in order to settle the score with Arn Anderson while Chris Benoit and Lord Steven Regal beat the tar out of each other in a pair of matches that salvage another pass for this New Year's Day special. Join Dean and Liam for a strangely bright orange hour of action (and apologies in advance for the audio falling away a bit in the final moments).

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