December 24, 2019

047: Christmas special Q&A

Merry Christmas, fellow WCW masochists!

As a special festive treat, Dean and Liam have followed through on their love of special content being pre-recorded for the holidays and put together a Q&A episode using questions about WCW posed via social media by you, our faithful listeners.

So, what are our all-time favourite matches and shows? How should the New World Order have ended? And just why was the syndicated WCW Worldwide show so coveted over here in the UK? All this and more are our Christmas present to you guys. See you in the new year!

For the very first time, Dean and Liam look back at a PPV in line with their chronological Nitro Watchalong series, as a pivotal 1995 for WCW is wrapped up with their annual showpiece event - or, in this case, another Starrcade wasted on experimental formats.

Hooked On Wrestling's Paul Benson takes home the match ball in his third special guest appearance on the podcast, and it's well-earned as WCW manage to find ways to turn an intriguing interpromotional best-of-seven series and one of the first ever three-man matches on PPV into confusing groan-fests. Turns out not all of Eric Bischoff's cutting-edge concepts were as successful or well-executed as the New World Order.

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