Dean and Liam wrap up the 1995 Monday Nitros with this festive Starrcade go-home, making them long for wrestling companies of today to make pre-taping shows to first-air on Christmas Day a regular thing, if only so they don't have to watch Gavin and Stacey after their turkey dinners.

Will the PPV's cutting edge but confusing concepts, such as the World Cup of Wrestling and the Triangle match for a WCW World title bout, be made any easier to figure out? Well, no.Randy Savage defends the big gold belt against Ric Flair, days before Flair needs to earn a title match. But Sting and Lex Luger are in action! And check out Mean Gene's hat!

The penultimate Nitro of 1995 brings us the infamous visual of Madusa returning to the company to dump the WWF Women's title into a handily-located bin, immediately infuriating Vince McMahon and others at the Federation who were aghast that someone would treat the title in such a horrific fashion. Y'know, besides the rest of the championship's entire existence.

This seminal angle does however overshadow another very easy to watch hour of television, capped by WCW Champion Randy Savage and The Giant's off-Broadway interpretation of 'David vs Goliath on several lines of cocaine' in the main event. And if you think that match was supercharged, check out Hulk Hogan's antics in a surreal overrun!

Dean and Liam pull back onto the road to Starrcade 1995 with their 15th Nitro Watchalong, and what feels like the 15th straight episode of Hulk Hogan, Sting and Randy Savage proclaiming that they cannot trust one another.

Nonetheless, the main eventers deliver a delightful old-school main event for the most part on an enjoyable episode also featuring decent action elsewhere and a bittersweet angle involving "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. He coulda been a Horseman, didn't you know...

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