Last summer, Dean had the honour of hosting Bret Hart's spoken word UK tour staged by Kayfabe Events. At the tail end of the London leg, attended by his podcast co-host, Liam was one of the fans posing a question to the Hitman during the Q&A section. Liam asked about how WCW dealt with his Starrcade 1999 concussion. What followed was an emotional 40-minute answer detailing the rocky road Bret's health endured following that fateful night.

Now, finally, after much effort and a slew of technical disasters, Because WCW can bring you audio from that question. Even if you've read Bret's brilliant autobiography, the detail and raw emotion on show here are something else.

With what we know now about concussions and the after-effects, World Championship Wrestling's treatment of one of their biggest stars (and anyone else in a similar position) is all the more sobering.

The first World War 3 pay-per-view has come and gone, and unfortunately so has Hulk Hogan's bewildering-yet-entertaining 'man in black' phase as well as any hope that World War 3 would be a remotely decent match concept.

Fortunately, Monday Nitro continues to entertain in its fast and breezy format even when Hogan is splashed all over everything and Eric Bischoff sticks a random Japanese womens tag match on the show in a blatant counter-programming ploy.

Join Dean and Liam as the Johnny B Badd/DDP angle deepens, the Sting/Lex Luger relationship intrigues and new WCW champion Randy Savage brings back one of his all-time worst outfits. And remember: you can tune in with OR without this episode on the Network!

The podcast's second year has been a challenging one, but Dean and Liam are finally back from a third laptop-related absence, hopeful that the sophomore jinx is behind them once and for all.

And it's back to the Monday Nitro Watchalongs with a busy go-home show six days before the inaugural World War 3 PPV concept. If you assumed Sting and Hulk Hogan clashed for the very first time at Starrcade 97, think again: they're the main event tonight!

Despite spending recent weeks having what appeared to be an on-screen midlife crisis, the 'new', dressed-in-black Hogan finally gives his attempted character evolution a try between the ropes and it's actually very interesting. Perhaps there's something to this heelish dark-clothes deal after all...?

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