On the day the wrestling world plunged back to the 1990s with the news that Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman were returning to positions of power within WWE, Dean and Liam finally sat down for their promised look back at the revolution both Paul and Eric helped facilitate within the Stateside industry: the arrival of the luchadores and subsequent mainstream acceptance of smaller performers.

And who better to join them as a special guest than the returning 'Lightning' Mike Quackenbush, renowned wrestler, trainer, author, friend of the podcast and one of the premier proponents of American-styled lucha libre? Weeks after the passing of Silver King, this very special look back at the importance of Nitro's trailblazing cruiserweight division is as poignant as it is insightful.

Almost a decade before the WWE 'invented' fan-interactive events such as Taboo Tuesday, Nitro ran a hotline poll to decide the main event of its tenth episode and in no way shape or form ensured only one logical result. No sir.

But despite the trademark shadiness of anything related to the WCW Hotline, Nitro 10 ended a two-episode crap streak and provided plenty of enjoyable action as well as seminal moments. Join Dean and Liam for the birth of the awesome Sting/Lex Luger storyline, the demise of the blatant Ultimate Warrior rip-off gimmick and Venice Beach Song Time with Randy Savage, Dark And Edgy Hulk Hogan and their charismatic hobo friend.

Back in the mid-1990s during the early stages of wrestling companies staging live weekly flagship TV shows and monthly PPVs, the continuity model was still very much rough around the edges. One thing was usually a constant, however: do not give away PPV footage on free TV when there are still replays to be bought.

Of course, WCW would choose Halloween Havoc 1995 as the event to buck this trend, as their 'main event' on Nitro episode nine was a replay of the PPV's closing moments. Yes, the moment when The Giant and THE YETAY! performed a three-man sex act on Hulk Hogan in the middle of the ring.

Join Dean and Liam as they explain why the ninth Nitro joins episode eight in the bin despite getting off to a reasonable enough start, and why the phrase "it's always darkest before dawn" is very applicable here.


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