How important are match finishes in wrestling? Of course, the climax of each piece of art constructed inside the squared circle is significant to an extent, but could a series of bad match finishes really spoil an otherwise good card of graps?

Thanks to Halloween Havoc 93, the answer is a resounding yes. Join Dean, Liam and pro wrestling author/historian John Lister as they analyse eight creatively horrendous finishes to eight very different contests. Oh, and a truly under-appreciated WCW mini-movie, compared to Havoc 92 and Beach Blast 93, as Tony Schiavone provides early inspiration for Operation Yewtree. 

Remember when 'go-home' TV shows before a PPV used to make very little reference to the contents of said PPV? Well, the eighth edition of Monday Nitro, six days before Halloween Havoc 1995, would have you believe that the only wrestling match taking place was Hulk Hogan vs The Giant. Oh, and Hulk Hogan vs The Giant in a monster truck sumo showdown, obvs.

But while this week's hour is agreed upon by Dean and Liam as being the first to miss the mark, at the same time you absolutely have to watch it for the infamous debut of THE YETAAAAAAAAY! Oh, and six ridiculous fans with the worst face paint job in live audience history.

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