March 20, 2019

030: Superbrawl Revenge

It's been over a year since Dean and Liam put a PPV episode down to a vote on Twitter and, after this, it may be at least five before they do it again.

In defence of the final WCW Superbrawl ever made, it continues the 2001 trend of providing shockingly watchable professional wrestling as the company entered a sensible creative holding pattern in anticipation of the Fusient bailout that never came.

Join us to find out why Mike Awesome actually made a decent Bryan Clarke impersonator, why Chavo Guerrero Jr really was one of the top wrestlers in North America during WCW's dying days and why Kevin Nash's cringeworthy final match for the promotion pretty much summed up the majority of his five-year tenure under his real name.

The honeymoon period is over for Monday Nitro. After five weeks of feeling fresh and fun by default, episode six would decide whether or not the trademark WCW productive gaffes, Macho Man/Lex Luger fashion disasters and deeply uncomfortable Hulk Hogan interviews would be tolerable as a week-in, week-out attraction.

Join Dean and Liam as they dissect how WCW managed to screw up Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson in a cage, how Disco Inferno should have been made heavyweight champion (but kept off Twitter) and how Sabu had already reached his expiry date in the company after just a few short weeks (and is indeed kept off Twitter).

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