Some things are best viewed in isolation. Bereft of context, hindsight and any other asides. BATB 1997 not only one of those things, but perhaps the perfect WCW example of such.

Joining Dean and Liam to look back at the show is a man who was there in attendance at Daytona Beach that evening. A man who was directly responsible for so many British wrestling fans falling in love with the industry in the first place. The editor of Power Slam Magazine from 1994-2014, Fin Martin.

And if you want to learn how it is indeed possible to find a show containing Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper with a combined age nearing 100, a Mortal Kombat rip-off tag match and Dennis bleedin' Rodman in the main event strangely gratifying, step on in and allow us to explain.

It's easy to assume that the Monday Night Wars began with the debut of Nitro, but in fact it was episode two that first went head-to-head against WWE Raw after a US Open tennis pre-emption that Eric Bischoff used to his advantage. It was also Nitro's first 'go-home' edition, ahead of Fall Brawl and War Games.

So, join Dean and Liam in the second of the Nitro Watchalong series and listen to them try to count how many blatant shots are fired at the opposition by the WCW commentary team, who makes the most dated pop culture references between Bobby Heenan and Steve McMichael, and how many moves WCW champ Hulk Hogan and challenger Lex Luger no-sell between them in our main event.

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