World Championship Wrestling had its fair share of memorable MCs, whether it be the distinct voice of early WCW era compere Gary Michael Capetta, voice of six years of weekly live television David Penzer or the legendary part-time contributor Michael Buffer.

And after 22 episodes of sidebars talking about such a vital aspect of a wrestling company, Dean and Liam have finally taken the time to put the unheralded microphone maestros under the microscope.

Not only that, but Mr. Penzer himself very kindly agreed to join us via telephone for a fascinating and detailed insight into the chaotic behind-the-scenes operations of WCW. From trying to calm a furious Philadelphia crowd by reading Positively Page chapter by chapter to getting into a 'hockey fight' with a former WCW titleholder, 'The Penz' has a story or two to tell.

It's only taken us four Halloween Havocs to actually publish an episode looking at one in the actual build-up to Halloween, but here we are - and what a Havoc it is.

For some twisted reason, 'Dominator' Stu Allen of British promotion EWW thought it would be a laugh to rewatch the PPV featuring the infamous Chamber of Horrors match in celebration of his company's upcoming 20th anniversary.

But as Dean and Liam explain, some of the things taking place behind the scenes at WCW around this time made an opening contest pitting two teams of four completely random non-rivals against each other in a bid to put someone in an electric chair for no particular additional gain look like your run-of-the-mill storytelling in comparison.

In a departure from the usual format, Dean and Liam venture into the world of live watchalong podcasting. And they begin with the start of Monday Nitro, the show that changed the face of wrestling television for better and for worse.

Feel free to watch the first ever Nitro on the WWE Network while you listen, or just tune into the podcast on its own as usual. Either way, join us as we renact the wild five-plus-year-ride that was WCW on Monday nights in an unprecedented, unedited, unscripted, unfiltered and unsomethingelse style of episode. So apologies in advance for the rough-and-ready audio...

Thankfully, the show began with a simple one-hour format and WCW pulled out all the stops. Brian Pillman vs Jushin Liger, Sting vs Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan vs Big Bubba Rogers combine with a memorable location and an infamous surprise return. Plus, a suitable show-closing entrance theme to mark the first podcast coverage of the company's Monday "Primetime" debut.

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