Very few wrestling 'dream matches' involved Hulk Hogan back in the day, but Superbrawl V was certainly main evented by one of them.

Hogan vs Vader carried so much intrigue that WCW drew over 10,000 paid to an event for the first time since 1989, back when they were still the NWA. And those impressive ticket sales apparently had the company so scared that they were doing something right for once, they slapped a terrible non-finish on the big PPV clash after forcing the audience to endure one of the worst undercards in recorded history.

Nonetheless, Dean and Liam resisted the urge to 'do a Paul Roma' on this podcast. Along with special guest, veteran former British wrestler and trainer Justin Richards, they tackle everything from Dusty Finishes to Jim Duggan snorefests to Dave effing Sullivan with the utmost professionalism to celebrate the podcast surviving its rookie year.

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