Remember WCW's Beach Blast '92 show? Remember how critically acclaimed it was? Remember how awesome it was in just about every single way?

Yeah, it turns out our minds have been lying to us for 26 years. The show isn't actually all that good after all. Either that, or it's aged rather horrifically. Probably the latter. 

But what better way to say farewell to this unfathomably hot summer than to look at WCW's very first foray into the beach-themed PPV concept? Joining us for this episode is British wrestling guru, author of two brilliant books, promoter, manager, commentator and key figure at, Mr. Greg Lambert. It's worth tuning in for his reaction to the infamous Bikini Contest or his shocking critique of the Iron Man Challenge alone.

"Nobody gives a **** about the undercard," a famous boxing promoter once declared in front of the gathered press. It's an arguable point, especially in the non-scripted realms of combat sports. But when it comes to wrestling, it's rarely that simple.

Welcome to GAB 90, a show bang in the middle of the NWA's transition into WCW and the event at which the company expected to kick start their own version of Hulkamania. Before that epic main event match, they had the small matter of two and a half hours to kill.

Dean and Liam turn the clock back 28 years to analyse the various ways a wrestling promotion can ensure every contest not involving the Midnight Express on a show does not upstage the World title match. Oh, and Iron Sheik and El Gigante make their Because WCW debuts!

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