The global wrestling community was deeply saddened by the news this week that Leon 'Big Van Vader' White had passed away on Monday at the age of 63. It's no exaggeration that if it wasn't for Vader, there probably wouldn't be a Because WCW podcast.

In this special episode, Dean and Liam recall their favourite memories of Big Van Vader's WCW career which spanned from 1990 until 1995, including Dean's first-hand accounts of Vader matches across several UK tours.

Arguably the greatest big man in wrestling history and without doubt one of the reasons World Championship Wrestling retained as many fans as it did regardless of the company's overall decision-making, Leon will be missed.

Is it possible for a wrestling pay-per-view to be quite good and quite shit at the same time? Spring Stampede 1998 may well be the best example of this, if so.

Dean and Liam welcome back friend of the show and Hooked On Wrestling head honcho Paul Benson to look back at a host of matches that polarise, have aged badly after a good first impression or sometimes just plain depend on your mood when you watch them. All at a time when the product was both at a commercial peak and about to fall apart in breathtaking fashion.

One thing remains a constant, however: most people who ordered the show at the time were wondering why they bothered to spend their hard-earned on it. No wonder buyrates fell off a cliff a year later.

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