Since it's April, Dean and Liam decided to treat themselves to one of the best PPVs WCW ever put out as they're joined by Darren Goss of Discovery Wrestling for one of the last major events pre-Hogan arrival.

But hang on just a second: don't let a Flair-Steamboat main event, a retrospective dream match between Steve Austin and Great Muta and a trailblazing tag team war fool you: there's plenty of typical WCW numbskullery to be found amidst the greatness.

Who wins the war between all-time great workers and baffling booking? Or will it end in a confusing and inconclusive draw? And exactly what does the American Males theme say when played backwards?

Dean and Liam are joined for Episode 11 by Ash Rose, member of top wrestling podcasting and media group Gorilla Position as well as the voice of Alive and Kicking, the 90s nostalgia pod. Of all the choices Mr. 90s had at his disposal, with most of WCW's existence occurring in that decade, he plumped for this absolute shower.

BATB '99, where the 'war' pitting rap vs country gets outright confusing, the conflict between the old guard and the young lions fizzles out with a whimper, the WCW title is decided in a tag match where there's more chance of finding out who drove that bloody Hummer than there is sussing the exact rules, and of course over a dozen men risking their careers in a junkyard for a match no sod could properly watch.

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