March 28, 2018

010: The debut of Thunder

This month, WWE Network has finally begun to upload episodes of Thunder, WCW's ill-fated and corporate-mandated second major weekly show which ran from 1998 until the company's demise in 2001. So, what better time for Dean Ayass and Liam Happe to cover their first ever non-PPV on Because WCW?

The very first Thunder, unsurprisingly, featured some real effort before the show became the poorly-produced afterthought it will forever be known as just weeks later. This bumper three-hour opening gambit featured big stars, some notable results and even large chunks of footage from Starrcade. So, what went wrong? And why was the show's dismal failure so inevitable even after a successful debut? All will be explained.

Some major professional wrestling events are forever known as "the show with that match". Uncensored 1996 is one of those events. And "that match" is the utterly reprehensible 8-on-2 Doomsday Cage debacle.

Join Dean, Liam and special guest Paul Benson of Hooked On Wrestling as they attempt to answer several pivotal questions. Questions such as "how was Giant Haystacks' big Stateside moment?", "why did mid-90s promotions treat women so badly?" and "can four of the company's most established performers really make a Chicago Street Fight a total chore to watch?".

Oh, and don't worry: they go in two-footed on Ed Leslie and Terry Bollea, too.

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