We here at Because WCW have in just seven prior episodes covered some of the worst and most ridiculous PPV efforts that the company had to offer. And yet here, for the first time, we plunge deep into perhaps the most depraved overall period in the promotion's history: Early 2000. Head booker Kevin Sullivan, part deux, post-Radicalz.

And who do we have to thank for this? Why, the podcast's very first special guest! Joining Dean Ayass and Liam Happe is British fed IPW's owner, Billy Wood. Tune in to find out which member of the Superbrawl 2000 roster he very nearly booked in a moment of sheer madness. Or else we'll send over Tank Abbott wielding a knife.

February 12, 2018

What if Fusient bought WCW?

A few listeners have contacted us asking about the WCW fan fiction Liam alluded to on the Greed episode. So, Liam has decided to open up the Google doc he has been using to burn his creative juices with an extensive What If? scenario, for your reading 'pleasure'.

Based loosely on what started as a retro runthrough of classic Adam Ryland booking sim Extreme Warfare Revenge, Liam ended up dropping the restrictions of the early-2000s freeware and brought the scenario to life to the point where he's now 18 months in and still adding new content, whenever he gets the free time.

The fantasy situation sees Time Warner opt to give WCW a lifeline after all, under the condition that it drastically alters its presentation to suit the more legitimate and upscale image Jamie Kellner and co looked to convey, as well as operate to a much tighter budget with the exception of existing TW wrestling contracts that are free for Fusient to use unless anyone accepts a buyout.

Here's the link. Feedback welcome!


February 1, 2018

007: Greed

Dean Ayass and Liam Happe wrap up the opening chapter of the Because WCW project with Greed, the aptly-titled final pay-per-view in company history.

In typical fashion, the product had improved in the promotion's dying months but with Fusient's takeover hitting a brick wall just days prior to the event, WCW's days were officially numbered just as Scott Steiner peaked in his world title reign, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair brought the nostalgic comedy and the cruiserweights finally began their comeback.

Tune into the entire show for a special discount code courtesy of our new partners IWN Live!

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